One Hope is a place where relationships build resilience
and hope changes outcomes.

Mission Statement

Creating flourishing neighborhoods by building resilience and sharing hope.

Vision Statement

Where relationships build resilience and hope changes outcomes

Purpose Statement

One Hope exists to love the people in our city well by standing for justice, staying present in relationships and communities longterm, and sharing the hope of the Gospel in the context of the local church for the glory of Christ.

How Did One Hope Start?

In 2003 a group of people associated with Springs of Grace Church were trying to love our city well and found particular needs in the education system which we felt we could help meet. One Hope began as a means of organizing and funding those efforts to improve the graduation rates of students in Tulsa Public Schools by building relationships through sports training and tutoring. Many of our students had limited or no exposure to sports other than basketball and yet we saw how integral extracurricular involvement was to staying in school and graduating. We began sports programs and later arts programs that allowed us to expose students and help develop basic skills in a wide range of sports and the arts. We also began a tutoring program that put us directly into the educational process with students. The actions of love and hope to students gave us opportunities to love our city – provide tangible help that was needed and allow us to build relationships over time that provided the platform to share the truth of the hope that Jesus gives that all can flourish.

One Hope believes that the love and hope we have experienced can be life changing for everyone.

Whether it is in education, sports or with the homeless or those impacted by the sex industry and sex trade, One Hope seeks those ways we can demonstrate love and do good to our city with the hope of staying in long term relationships where we can point individuals and families to the hope Jesus freely gives. We have developed an extensive urban ministry summer internship to train college age students and those right out of college. We have also just launched a year round fellowship in urban ministry. This allows us to reproduce what we have learned, and the interns and fellows provide a talented and inexpensive work force for our ministry.

How will it grow and change over the next few years? We continue to look for avenues and opportunities to demonstrate love to our city in ways that allow us to further these relationships. We will be launching a scholarship program this summer for students who attend our camps to get individualized sports instruction, dance lessons, art lessons, etc., at no expense to them or their family. As we reenter the Rose Bowl, we anticipate providing sports leagues in a team format that intentionally groups players across racial barriers and has a leadership component to the leagues.

Our Approach

One Hope’s approach is trauma-responsive, community-focused, and local-church based.

  • Trauma-responsive: We believe that our ministry should be relationally dense and provide agency and voice to the people we serve.
  • Community-focused: We believe God has called us to serve our neighbors on the margins.
  • Local-church based: We were founded by the local church, work in close partnership with the local church, and believe the local church is a place of home and healing for those who have experienced trauma.

Because trauma-responsive environments are relational at their core, we work in five key relational areas:

  • Healthy self
  • Positive peers
  • Involved family
  • Trusted adult
  • Safe neighborhood

We believe God meets us in every area of our relational brokenness providing hope and healing through Jesus Christ.

Our Partnerships

Springs of Grace is One Hope Tulsa’s founding church and an essential partner to the work we do.

One Hope Tulsa and Springs of Grace are separate 501(c) 3s. One Hope Tulsa was founded by Springs of Grace in 2008, and Springs of Grace remains one of One Hope Tulsa’s main donors. One Hope Tulsa believes that the local church is a place of home and healing for those who have experienced trauma and that the local church is an essential partner in the work of building resilience and sharing hope in our community. Springs of Grace is an essential partner for One Hope Tulsa, but we also partner with other churches, businesses, and nonprofits.

One Hope Tulsa collaborates with Springs of Grace and shares ideas, partners, and projects when beneficial, as well as sharing some staff members and leadership. One Hope and Springs of Grace also share theological perspectives that influence our approach. One Hope Tulsa’s financial resources are only used for One Hope Tulsa’s work. Springs of Grace joins other donors in funding the work of One Hope Tulsa as an expression of the church’s commitment to what is being done through One Hope Tulsa.

Board of Directors

Fred Sabatini

Brian Lapo

Brian Young

Tommy Campbell

Leanne Campbell

Josh Link