Why Resilient Kids

The Resilient Kids after school and summer program builds hope and resilience in grade school students. Kids who have experienced trauma face increased learning and behavioral challenges, so they benefit from environments that are highly-relational and trauma-responsive.

At Resilient Kids, we help children develop problem-solving skills, relational skills, and social connections, and we involve them in positive activities that protect them from the impact of adverse childhood experiences. Relationships build resilience so our program intentionally fosters family involvement, positive peer connections, relationships with caring, trusted adults, and opportunities to get to know Jesus.

We want to see the whole student grow so every day our students are:

  • Welcomed into a safe and supportive environment
  • Offered health conscious snacks
  • Taught interactive Bible lessons
  • Given a voice in choosing their educational activities
  • Helped by caring adults with their reading and school work
  • Provided opportunities for art and outdoor activity
  • Celebrated and treated with respect

“The research on the most effective treatments to help trauma victims might be accurately summed up this way: what works best is anything that increases the quality and number of relationships in the child’s life.” – Dr. Bruce Perry

Summer Learning Program For Kids Entering K-6th Grade.

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Resilient Kids Helps Our Neighborhood

Attending after school programs, 60% of students improve their behavior in class. Changing Oklahoma’s future starts with supporting the children in our community. Resilient Kids is an after school and summer program that is already serving the neighborhood around the Rose Bowl.