Hope918 is a ministry of One Hope focused on engaging in the battle against human trafficking and sexual exploitation. Hope918’s primary emphasis is caring for girls who are at-risk for being trafficked or sexually exploited by raising their awareness about the risks they face as teen girls and by providing them with the relationships and support structures that can protect them.
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Kids who experience childhood trauma are more vulnerable to becoming victims of sex trafficking than kids who do not experince childhood trauma. Hope918 is One Hope’s initiative to remember these vulnerable women and youth impacted by trauma and sex trafficking. Hope 918 takes a three part approach to giving hope to these women.


Girls Club Mentoring

A lack of healthy relationships with people who can be there for us during life’s troubles is what makes people most vulnerable. Hope 918 wants to connect young, vulnerable girls with trained, caring, and compassionate Christian adult women who will support them and be there for them.


Girls Club Group

There are many traps set up for young impressionable girls to coerce them into sex trafficking. Hope 918 hosts Girls Club, meeting currently at the Rose Bowl. Any girl can come to these meeting and find a friend, enjoy a great snack, try a fun activity, be reminded that they are loved and valued, and learn skills for staying safe. The support and belonging girls find through Girls Club helps keep them safe from abusive relationships or a life in the sex industry.

Help us reach out to girls in the community that are at-risk.

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